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In Russian? With Pleasure! Textbook 1. Cahier de grammaire et d'exercices 1, CD1

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Déposé le 03 06 2020

Cours Russe

Contenu original créé par le professeur

Professeur de russe native-speaker.
Passionnée de l'enseignement de langue russe en petits groupes, en entreprises ou individuel. Diplômée en pédagogie de l'Université linguistique de Moscou, plus de 15 ans d'expérience en enseignement de russe en Belgique. Des centaines d'élèves formés en russe - langue générale, mais aussi spécialisée - juridique, finance, management.

Année 2020 - 1 e édition

43 €

« In Russian ? With Pleasure ! »
По-русски? С удовольствием!

Communicating in Russian for adults. Designed for beginners or those who
wish to review the basic points of the grammar and vocabulary of the Russian language.
Right from the first lessons, the course will help you speak proper Russian.
It is recommended for work with a teacher or self-study with a view to reviewing.
The manual consists of thematic lessons, covering “life” situations, systematically developing the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
The communicative approach is combined with the traditional teaching method. The manual contains a large number of varied exercises to develop speaking skills and absorbing grammar and also creative exercises.
A large amount of illustrated material makes understanding easier and gives the student an idea of life in Russia.
At the end of the manual there are tables of declensions that have been used.
The package of the manual “In Russian? With Pleasure!” consists of Textbook 1, grammatical workbook 1 (EN FRANÇAIS ou ENGLISH version) and CD 1.

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